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'13 Moustache Run

Downtown Minneapolis - Stone Arch Bridge, MN

As our first official race, we developed an interest in one of the "hairiest lipped" races around. Portions of the proceeds are donated to organizations involved in prostate cancer research. Operation Overalls was initiated out of this particular race after we discovered how much fun it is to not only run in overalls, but for others to witness you running in them!




'15 Hearts 'R' Running

February 14th, 9am

Lake Como - St. Paul, MN

Our hearts were full with the blood required to keep us warm on this chilly -20 degree day. We successfully made it around Como lake without submitting to frostbite or the frigid wind. Making it through the race was the least we could do for the children and adults we ran for.
















Photo credit: Odyssey Photography

'16 Go Spring!

May 7, 2016, 9am

Battle Creek Park - St. Paul, MN

Road runners transformed to trail runners! We took our denim to the trails at Battle Creek Park, 10 km of trails to be exact! Beautiful scenery was all around us in our first above freezing run.






'14 Moustache Run

November 29th, 8am-11am

Downtown Minneapolis - Stone Arch Bridge, MN

This year marks the third annual Moustache Run in Minneapolis. After enjoying it so much last year, we decided to once again celebrate "Mo-vember" (Moustache/November) in similar fashion. This time we ran as five, adding further style points to our already astounding wardrobe!

























'15 Moustache Run

November 28, 9am

Downtown Minneapolis - Stone Arch Bridge, MN

10 km...that's a long ways to run, especially in overalls. Despite the distance and difficulty, we had our best turnout yet, AND our first Overalls female runner took 3rd in her age bracket! Fancy that. Temperatures did not disappoint, but neither did the sun.









'17 Santa Hustle

December 2, 2017, 830am

Veteran's Park - Milwaukee, WI

No better people to wear overalls than Santa look-a-likes! Beards (or fake ones) tend to fair well in the cold and match the overall look with style!







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